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A new publication about Control and Forest Monitoring

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With the support of the Forest Governance Positioning Project in Colombia PPGFC, was held at CARDER´s facilities, the " Technical and Legal Meeting between judges, prosecutors, police and the Environmental Authority" led by agronomist, Gladys Ospina Ospina , Professional Specialist of CARDER who is in charge of checkpoints and lumber yards, and represents the corporation before the PPGFC.

"Process of Control and Forest Monitoring at the Pacific Region and part of the Andes Region of Colombia" is the title of the new publication produced by The Forest Governance Positioning Project in Colombia, as a result of the systematization of experiences of the second year.


With 94 pages, the document compile the process of documentation and research of the institutional experiences, particularly, from environmental authorities, personal experiences and, collective visions of the past five years in the forest control and monitoring in a part of the territory of the Andean zone and the Pacific region of Colombia.


"Process of Control and Forest Monitoring at the Pacific Region and part of the Andes Region of Colombia" pretends to provide elements to know the main cultural causes of complex socio-environmental problems such as the Control and Forest Monitoring. Therefore, it delivers concepts that not only can be used to design sectorial policies, but also to recognized the challenges we must assume as a society. In addition, it will help to design strategies for the review and adjustment of instruments and, for the control actions and forest monitoring, not only at the Pacific and Andean region but also Colombia.


The publication is available in a digital format on the Project´s website: www.bosquesflegt.gov.co, Publications.


The Forest Governance Positioning Project is funded by the European Union and led by CARDER, in association with Corantioquia, Corpocaldas, CRC, Codechocó, Corponariño, Corponor, CRQ, Cortolima, Corpourabá, CVC, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Asocars and Aldea Global.










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